The School of Information originated as the Department of Economic Information Management, which was established in 1987. During the 1990s, alongside the progressive endeavors in socialist modernization, there was a significant flourishing in the informatization of social and economic sectors in China. In 1996, the Central Finance and Economics Institute underwent a rebranding to become the Central University of Finance and Economics(CUFE). Concurrently, the Department of Economic Information Management was rechristened as the Department of Information Management.

During the early years of the 21st century, transformative reforms in higher education, coupled with the swift advancement of information technology, created unprecedented opportunities for the evolution and growth of the Department of Information Management. The department launched the undergraduate program Electronic Commerce(E-Commerce)in 2002, distinguishing itself as among the initial batch of pilot demonstration universities endorsed by the Ministry of Education. In 2004, a doctoral program in Economic Information Management was launched. Concurrently,on the basis of theDepartment of Information Management, the institution proudly established the School ofInformation,as thesixth college in CUFE.

The School of Information currently boasts a comprehensive academic and professional framework. At its core is "Economic Information Management,"the Key Interdisciplinary Discipline in Beijing,which harmoniously integrates the domains of information technology, information management, and information economics. During the national academic assessments, the E-commerce program has been steadfastly acclaimed as a five-star discipline. Notably, in the 2023 Soft Science UniversityDiscipline Ranking,ourE-commerce program achieved a 9th place standing (A+, within the top 2%), and Information Management and Information Systemswasranked 22nd (within the top 5%).

The School of Information is staffed by a faculty of 54 full-time academics, comprising 18 professors, 28 associate professors, and 8 lecturers. This cohort includes recipients of prestigious awards and recognitions: 1 expert granted the State Council Special Allowance, 2 educators bestowed the title of Beijing Famous Teachers in Teaching, and 1 academic serving on the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Teaching Steering Committee. Additionally, our faculty features 1 awardee of the National Natural Science Foundation of China's Excellent Young Scientists Fund, 1 recipient of the National Key R&D Program Young Scientist Award, and 1 laureate of the Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation's National Young Teacher Award. 4 faculty members have been honored with inclusion in the Ministry of Education's New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan, and 1 has been distinguished as an Outstanding Moral Education Worker within Beijing's Higher Education Institutions.

In 2007, the Computer Application Experimental Teaching Center received distinction as a "Beijing Higher Education Instructional Demonstration Center." In 2008, the doctoral program in Economic Information Management was ratifiedas“The Key Interdisciplinary Discipline in Beijing.” The Information Management and Information Systems program was acclaimed as a "Beijing Distinctive Discipline." A suite of textbooks, including "Construction and Management of E-commerce Systems" and "Information Resources Management (2nd Edition)," were selected as national-level educational materials in the 11th Five-Year Plan period. In 2009, our innovative project on interdisciplinary course reform between finance and information science disciplines was lauded with the Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award.In 2010, the Information Management and Information Systems program wascelebrated as a "National Distinctive Discipline."Meanwhile, the"Software Development Tools"was awardedas the "National Model Bilingual Course"—a distinction shared by only 500 courses nationwide. Additionally,the School of Informationwas honored as one of the inaugural "Internet Application Innovation Platform Demonstration Bases" by the Ministry of Education. In 2012, our research analyzing the factors affecting China's offshore service outsourcing to the US and its competitiveness received the Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Excellent Achievement Award.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the School of Information has navigated the evolving landscape of advanced information technologies such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, confronting challenges and seizing opportunities. The school has demonstrated dynamic progress, achieving substantial accomplishments in discipline development, team enhancement, talent nurturing, scientific inquiry, and community engagement. In 2013, the initiative “Research and Practice on the Construction of an Interdisciplinary Software Development Course Platform and Resource Sharing Mechanism” was honored with the Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award. From 2013 to 2016, several projects were funded by the National Natural Science Foundation or the Social Science Foundation. Marking a significant milestone in 2018, the project “Research on Intelligent Service Transaction and Supervision Technology” was granted funding by the National Key R&D Programmes of China, with a substantial budget of 16.94 million yuan. In 2019, the Cyberspace Security discipline achieved national recognition, ranking 15th among the top disciplines in the country. From 2019 to 2022, four of our undergraduate programs — Information Management and Information Systems, E-commerce, Computer Science and Technology, and Information Security — were successively designated as National First-class Undergraduate Major Construction Sites.

In 2021 and 2022, the young researchers from the School of Information were honored with the National Natural Science Foundation of China's Excellent Young Scientist Fund project and the National Key R&D Program Young Scientist project, respectively. Each of these awards represents the first such honor in its respective category for the Central University of Finance and Economics. In 2023, the “Introduction to E-commerce” course was distinguished as a “National First-Class Undergraduate Course.” All Rights Reserved.
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